Flachbau Porsche - When the Market Adjusts, This is Why Scarcity Matters

Classic Porsches have been soaring in value over recent years, particularly since the 911s 50th anniversary in 2013. While demand remains high for virtually every air-cooled machine that rolled out of Stuttgart, it’s the flagship 911 that still tops wish lists. There’s no shortage of machines to collect. Porsche made hundreds of thousands of air-cooled cars, but as the market begins to slow, rarity is increasingly sought after.

From Morgan to Watches. Matthew Humphries Design

Morgan’s previous chief designer – Matthew Humphries – swapped wooden chassis for stainless steel casings with his new venture, watches. The $355 MHD SQ1 is the latest of the line For a man barely in his 30s, Matt Humphries has an impressive CV. While still a student at Coventry University in the UK, he designed a concept car for Morgan – the Aeromax – which so impressed the firm that it went into production and Matt became the firm’s chief designer.

Inside the machine. Bloodhound SSC

Our man on the ground is given an insight into the Bloodhound Supersonic Car, which – if all goes well – WILL be the fastest car on the planet. In the past decade, it’s become easier than ever to be blasé about fast cars. Today, a 500bhp output is unremarkable. Top speeds above 320kph aren’t unusual; they’re expected. Hitting 100kph in less than three seconds is something that happens all the time. But there’s a project under way that will quite literally redefine what a fast car is.
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