How to make a luxury SUV into a proper driver’s car

When we catch up with Matt Becker, he’s at Silverstone, waiting to race an Aston Martin Vantage GT4. In the pouring rain.

If we didn’t already know it, this confirms that the former chief test and development engineer at Lotus knows what makes a car fast, and what makes a car feel fast. And that’s good to know, as today he’s the chief engineer at Aston Martin, and the man responsible for making the company’s SUV, the DBX, feel like a proper sports car.

That time Abba’s drummer scored a point in a Formula 1 race

At the 1981 British Grand Prix, McLaren driver John Watson scored a memorable win in front of his home crowd at Silverstone.

It was the Northern Irish racer’s first win in five years, and only his second ever win in Formula 1. It was also the first ever win for McLaren’s groundbreaking MP4/1, the first car with a carbon fibre monocoque – an engineering template that continues in F1 today.

But further down the grid, another driver had also hit the peak of his career. His name was Slim Borgudd.

How Caffeine & Machine became an overnight petrolhead phenomenon

With a couple of weeks to go before Caffeine & Machine (C&M) first opened its doors, founder Phil McGovern was worried. Having spent months renovating an old pub and B&B in rural England, sinking in thousands of pounds of his own money, and dreaming of a hangout for every kind of petrolhead tribe, he was suddenly having doubts. “Do you think people will come?” he asked, as the finishing touches were being put to the bar.

What we discovered from our first ride in the Ford Mustang Mach-E

Has there been a car in recent years that’s provoked as much controversy as the Ford Mustang Mach-E? It’s not even been launched yet and already the internet is full of people howling with anguish that Ford has appropriated the holy Mustang name. For an electric SUV.

Keen to turn people on to the Mustang Mach-E, and educate them about electric motoring in general, Ford has set up a Go Electric display for the public in Marble Arch, central London. And they also brought a prototype of the new Ma

Flachbau Porsche - When the Market Adjusts, This is Why Scarcity Matters

Classic Porsches have been soaring in value over recent years, particularly since the 911s 50th anniversary in 2013. While demand remains high for virtually every air-cooled machine that rolled out of Stuttgart, it’s the flagship 911 that still tops wish lists.

There’s no shortage of machines to collect. Porsche made hundreds of thousands of air-cooled cars, but as the market begins to slow, rarity is increasingly sought after.
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