Against The Odds, Was The Las Vegas F1 GP The Best Race Of The Season?

It seemed like everyone and their dog was lining up to bash the Las Vegas Grand Prix. Part of a revitalised push by Formula 1 to establish a firm foothold in the United States, the Entertainment Capital of the World(™) hosted the country’s third race of the year. And even by American standards, it was gearing up to be bigger and brasher than anything we’d seen.

Organised not by a local promoter but by F1’s owners themselves, Liberty Media, the Las Vegas Grand Prix event was on a whole new scale

Maurice Hamilton explains why Niki Lauda was a true F1 legend: DT Podcast S03E10

While Lewis Hamilton would have plenty to say about the late, great Niki Lauda, we've found an even more qualified Hamilton to tell us about the Formula 1 icon.

Maurice Hamilton is a motorsport journalist who's just written a new book about the man in the red hat and his incredible career. He joins Phill Tromans for a chat about Lauda's life, as well as the latest goings on in modern Formula 1.

That time Abba’s drummer scored a point in a Formula 1 race

At the 1981 British Grand Prix, McLaren driver John Watson scored a memorable win in front of his home crowd at Silverstone.

It was the Northern Irish racer’s first win in five years, and only his second ever win in Formula 1. It was also the first ever win for McLaren’s groundbreaking MP4/1, the first car with a carbon fibre monocoque – an engineering template that continues in F1 today.

But further down the grid, another driver had also hit the peak of his career. His name was Slim Borgudd.

FF1S 20.00 Race or Survive - Preseason Special

Way, way back, before the dawn of time, the Australian Grand Prix was due to take place and coronavirus was just a glint in a Wuhan bat’s eye. Well, actually it was earlier this week but before everything went to shit and the race was cancelled. Still, Cheeka, Terry and Phill went to the pub to talk about testing and see where we were ahead of the season that now probably won’t start until Baku. Maybe Williams will be front runners by then?
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